Searching for Urantia Book readers under 40

Do you know of any? I have been putting together Email, address and phone lists of readers under 40 around the world to keep them up to date with reader activities and maintain a network link between us. If you are, or know of any interested parties, I hope you will email me.

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...a place where all Urantia Book readers can come to share with each other, find friends, and learn more about the growing Urantia Community.

P.1220 - §6 You cannot experience real joy all by yourself. A solitary life is fatal to happiness. Even families and nations will enjoy life more if they share it with others.

P.1228 - §3 Everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means to an end. Every true relationship of mortal man with other persons--human or divine--is an end in itself. And such fellowship with the personality of Deity is the eternal goal of universe ascension.

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