Teuvo Orjala - San Diego, CA, USA
Last updated: Oct 21, 2009

My name is Teuvo. Yes sir. I live in San Diego Ca, or as I call it Heaven, Im a full time student of graphic design and web development. For work I am a bartender and server for a catering company. I have had the Urantia Book in my life since before I was born but didn't become a reader till about 19. Since that day when I had my moment when I realized the scoop of what was in the UB I have been dedicated to learning more and sharing it with others. In conjunction with my father Thomas and brother Kailas I use my design skills to make outreach material that can be used when introducing the UB. We are currently working on a couple web sites that will be up by Christmas and I am starting a clothing line of my own. If you would like to know more or even help out check out urantianow.com or email me at [email protected]. Love and happiness to all of you. Tev

Chris Wood - Binghamton, New York, USA
Last updated: Jan 28, 2009

I've been giving The Urantia Book a serious study now for about 12 years. I enjoy volunteering my time to various Urantia activities, including the upcoming conference is Boulder in June 2009.

Dax Bedell - Tampa, Florida, USA
Last updated: Jan 26, 2007

Hello everyone. Like all of you reading this, I am a seeker of Truth and Love. I am a second generation Urantia Book reader and was raised with its principles all my life. I became actively involved about 8 years ago at the conference in Vancouver, BC in 1999. It was one of the most intense spiritual experiences of my life. There is such an instant fellowship you get with other readers that is difficult to explain. While I find it harder everyday to consider myself youth, there is no doubt in my mind that this group of people is the next, great generation of believers and that through our individual ways, we will each contribute to the greater good of all mankind and to the will of our loving Father. Currently I am living in Florida, slowly building the means to actuate my future potential for greater spiritual service on this planet. I have a lovely wife Jenni and two beautiful children (Quinn, 7 and Dax, 1.5) whom I adore and enjoy teaching everyday. I look forward to seeing how they will contribute to the beauty of this world and the service of God and the Universe. Peace to all of you, in whatever you do.


Micah Kruger - Boulder, Colorado, USA
Last updated: Sep 29, 2006

Fellow Urantia youth,
For whatever it's worth I'm a second generation reader. I was "raised" with the book, but really started reading it in college. Now that I'm reaching old man status, (turning thirty soon) I, like most in this group, am trying to discover what I have to offer to my fellow brothers and sisters, as well as to my fellow Urantia readers. My personal philosophy these days is to be a truth seeker, and try to discover what man can really accomplish when this revelation is fully implemented into one's life. I want to be a humble example of what can come from a son who fully believes that his career for time and eternity, is in the hands of an all-wise, all-loving, and all-powereful spirit father. I hope we all can become shining beacons of truth!

Katie Metzler - Denver, Colorado, USA
Last updated: Sep 28, 2006

The Urantia Book has added a level of passion and clarity to my life that I had never imagined.

I received the book from another reader during art school about 7 years ago. I was raised Catholic and at the time happened to be wearing a small wooden cross around my neck. Aaron came up to me with a piece of paper and said, "What do you think about this?" We had never met and that day I hardly even looked up as I took the page from him and stuffed it in my back pack.

That night I read that particular paper over and over. It turned out to be a bit of the section from The Meaning of the Death on the Cross from none other than the Urantia Book. There was a distinct level of directness laced with delicate grace in it's written composure. I immediately knew I needed to see the rest of this book!

I headed out to Barnes and Noble and with the help from their information desk I was able to Google a few of the sentences from the paper. I headed home with my very own book that night.

I continued to read the book on my own for several months. Eventually I ran into Aaron again. We talked and talked. And, have been close ever since.

I now attend many of the conferences and have developed some deep friendships with other young readers. It is very important that we all keep each other motivated and rejuvenated. Especially on a planet where so few strive to attain the higher levels spiritual potential.

Iím so very thankful to have to book and my reader friends!
See you all soon. ..and many new faces I hope.


Michael MacIsaac - Stockholm, Sweden
Last updated: Jul 12, 2006

Hey guys! We have an intros page again! Woohoo! Except that... now I have to try to come up with a new intro for myself... hmm...

Gabe made some new intros software... so far people need to be sent invitations so let me know if you want me to send you one- and hopefully we can make it invitation free soon- I have been sending some out but soon we should have it so that everyone can create intros on their own without being invited... anyway I hope mine will not be the only intro on here for long!!!

I started my first read when I was 16 or so, almost 15 years ago! Now that I'm 30 I've long since been a 'youth', though the 'young adult' label still seems to fit pretty comfortably. ;-) My parents were readers from before I was born, so I have never experienced not knowing about the book or discovering it. After lots of traveling and meeting readers all over the world I decided to try to start finding some more readers my age. I am so grateful for all the priceless friendships that have resulted! And making new friends through the book is still one of my favorite things to do (along with getting together with ready-made friends etc!! :-) I have spent a good chunk of the past 10 years in Sweden where I'm currently doing some working as well as studies at Stockholm University. If you are looking for an excuse to visit Sweden I love to have visitors!! I would love to hear from you if you find the time to email me.

"Everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means to an end. Every true relationship of mortal man with other persons--human or divine--is an end in itself."

"To become acquainted with one's brothers and sisters, to know their problems and to learn to love them, is the supreme experience of living."