Camp Nebadon
Silver Springs Retreat in Flesherton, Ontario
August 19 - 25, 2000

Enlarge Readers from all over Ontario gather for Jesus' birthday.
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Enlarge We were given the opportunity to explore the woods with these off-road vehicles.

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About Silver Springs


Throughout the year, Silver Springs is a culinary retreat offering cooking vacations with celebrity chefs. Located an hour and a half north of Toronto, in the heart of Ontario's finest outdoor recreation, it is steeped in the tranquility of 140 acres of spring-fed ponds, streams and waterfalls. During the month of August, Silver Springs, in association with Northern Light Urantia Association of Canada (NLUAC), welcomes Urantia Book readers world-wide for non-profit Urantia retreat and training programs. Experienced facilitators, warm hospitality (great food!) and an inspiring natural setting combine to make Silver Springs an ideal spot for a Urantia Book "learning vacation".


We believe spiritual truth should be freely shared to serve the family of humankind and we think small group learning is ideal. In order to make retreat training affordable for small groups, Silver Springs subsidizes costs and faculty from across North America generously volunteer their time and talents as a loving service.


We wholly subscribe to the mission of the Retreat Network which is "to support one another in facilitating and enhancing the individual's relationship with the indwelling spirit through the retreat experience, that we may all be better equipped to serve the family of humankind."

Contact Information

Silver Springs Retreat
RR#4 Flesherton, Ontario N0C 1E0

To register call toll free: 1-800-546-5601
Fax: (519) 922-1136
Email: [email protected]
Hosts: Sue and Derek Tennant
Brochures and video available upon request.























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