Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, USA.
August 4 - 7, 2000

The campus was old and beautiful. Enlarge
Enlarge Fabio lives in Queens, New York with is dad and brother.
Having A Good Time In The After Hours
Philip Taylor was the youngest person to speak at the conference. He was inspiring. Enlarge

Enlarge Steve Ploetz is always cheerful.
Charlie Fox from England (center of photo) made his first trip to the USA for this conference. Enlarge
Enlarge Chris's wrote a play called The Parable of The Path. It was a hit.
Enlarge Everyone had a sublime experience—including the younger teens.
Enlarge Enlarge
Meal time in the cafeteria is a popular socializing hour.

Bill Martin Jr. organized a game of Ulimate frisbee. Travis Painter catches air. Enlarge
April Helen taught yoga twice during the late night. It was quite a view of the city lights from the eighth floor. Enlarge

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